Matthew Swan

Projects —
  2. Make It Move
  3. Limbo Magazine
  4. GCHQ
  5. SAC
  6. Life After GSA
  7. Art School Posters 
  8. The Digger

Extra/Other — 
  1. Sleazy Posters
  2. Kinetic Type Animation
  3. Bricks 101 Poster
  4. Untitled (moving image)
  5. Looppool

Photography —
  1. Film1
  2. Film2

Info —
Glasgow based graphic designer with an interest in visual identity, typography and editorial design for print, as well as digital based media, motion design and animation. So yeah, pretty much anything design related.

Communication Design BA(Hons)
— Glasgow School of Art [2020]

Available for freelance and contract work.

Contact —

This project made up a large chunk of a summer job between my third and final year at GSA. I was brought in to create a visual system to present a large research project, called Scottish Access Collaborative, which was a collaboration between Strathclyde Uni and The Glasgow School of Art, with NHS Scotland. My solution to presenting the project was to design and create a working prototype of a web-based utility to be used to exhibit/display the 'SAC' in various settings - such as to a broad academic audience or within a focus group. I set out to create a unique platform that could both be used by a speaker to give an adaptable non-linear keynote presentation and a user accessing relevant information. This was a huge learning experience for me, as I had to take on a number of different exciting roles in the project to complete it within the deadline.

These roles included:
    — Research coordination
    — Copy writing
    — Infographic visualisation
    — Front-end web design
    — UI and UX design
    — Wire-framing
    — Motion graphics
    — Photo editing